Posted on 11-jan-2020

Geneva Expat Psychologist


Psychological testing for ADHD in adults. If you are struggling with symptoms like inattention, being easily distracted and restless, and impulsivity, you might want to consider being tested for adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD is often thought of as a childhood condition that is “outgrown” by the teenage years. However, ADHD can span a lifetime and may be something that was overlooked earlier on.

I strive to establish a client-centered tailored therapy for your specific ADHD challenges and difficulties. We begin with a diagnostics research process which is done in a relaxed attentive and thorough manner.

The testing process enables me and you to get a detailed in-depth understanding of how ADHD symptoms have manifested themselves specifically for you, and how and when they have accompanied you over the course of you life.

This always provides with valuable insight and understanding regarding life areas and challenges in your life to be further addressed in the following phase which is the intervention phase.

Based on the outcomes of the diagnostic research process we establish together with the client a realistic treatment plan comprised of specific realistic and measurable goals.
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